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How to use and store Nokia battery for a long time

The contents of the portable power supply are batteries called lithium-ion batteries. It is basically the same as a smartphone or mobile battery. I think that you have already experienced that the Nokia battery  deteriorates as you use it on your smartphone. However, it is really crucial to note that Nokia battery will deteriorate even if it is not used.  if you do not like to charge it as often as you do with a smartphone, it will slowly deteriorate, though not as rapidly as a smartphone. So how do you make it last longer? The question arises.   The basics are the same as for smartphones. However, smartphones and portable power supplies have different lengths of use and charging frequency. In particular, there are many people who use portable power supplies in a limited way, such as outdoors or in an emergency, while smartphones use them almost all the time.   I would like to explain how can we utilize and store such portable power supplies. The point is to be a bit more sensitive lik